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The John Lucht Consultancy is one of America’s leading retainer-compensated executive search boutiques. When you engage us, we join you in a shared goal: To strengthen your team with the strongest player in your industry for the open position. Someone has to employ the best person. Why not you? Your business is strengthened. A competitor is weakened. There are limits, of course, to the rewards you can offer. And limits, too, to the level of your opportunity. But within those constraints, we’ll advocate your job to all of the right people as persuasively as possible.
What assets do we bring to your search?
Experience, professionalism...and a free hand. This company was founded by John Lucht in 1977 after six years as a prominent member and then an officer of Heidrick & Struggles, America’s second-largest search firm. Today, as then, John is one of America’s best known search professionals. Through all the years he has limited both the size of the firm and the amount of work it does, so that he can personally lead every assignment and avoid virtually all blockages caused by conflicting loyalty to another client in the same industry.
We’re not the only fine retained search firm.
However, we may be the ideal choice for your highest-level assignments, because we have the commitment, the expertise, and the freedom to contact and persuade the people your strongest competitors would hate to lose.
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